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                       Dedicated to Preserving Our Freedoms


                                             "Governments are instituted among Men,
                           deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed."



Although we are no longer holding meetings for a variety of reasons, each of us is committed to stopping this president and his administration from completing his goal of the fundamental transformation of our country. Unfortunately, he has made great strides by continuing to blame George Bush for just about everything, by outright lying and by frequently employing executive privilege, which is not granted by the Constitution to any president.

We felt huge disappointment when Marco Rubio joined the "gang of eight" in supporting immigration reform, which included amnesty (yes, amnesty, although Marco stood in front of us in March of 2010 and said he would never support amnesty for illegals). We were devastated when Trey Radel was arrested for cocaine possession and ultimately resigned.

We've got to get it right in the upcoming special primary election. Please do your due diligence to vet ALL the candidates.

You might be interested in reading this piece from back before the 2008 elections.
 Yes, Barack Obama really is a Manchurian candidate  It should have been titled "A Clear and Present Danger."  The danger is more real now than it was then.

It Sucks to be a Conservative!

When I try to understand why so many liberals still support Obama, this is about all I can come up with: